Andrea Parker / BlackAtelier

Black. As Painted

Andrea Parker/BlackAtelier 04/12/16
a statement of vision and sound


We Love Technology 2016: Andrea Parker/BlackAtelier

Espacio Fundación Telefónica presents a ninety minute collaboration showcasing the unique method of BlackAtelier’s distinctive artistic delineation guided by an exclusive three turntable performance from Andrea Parker, blending a morose soundtrack of music - from rare pioneers, sound effects records and dub plates of her own works - to create unpredictable changes of mood and discordant undertones in the hope of provoking the eloquent expression of BlackAtelier’s futuristic work and process, visualised either through influence or by inherent force.

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MATA Sheone X Andrea Parker

Gamma Proforma presents a monthly session of art, audio & interaction.

Friday 17th June 2016


The Social
5 Little Portland St
London W1W 7JD


Doors 6pm – upstairs FREE entry all night.

Social Fridays


l.e.v. festival

Thursday, April 28th · Opening Party

Andrea Parker (Touchin’ Bass / UK)
Ametsub (Nothings66 / Blueberry Recordings, Jp)
Roberto Lobo (live)  (Humo, Es)
Luishock (Post Club / Hooded Records / Es)