Avant Festival - Poland, with Alva Noto/Carlsten Nicolai

2nd October 2010

The third edition of AVANT ART FESTIVAL is a must-see event for all discriminating aficionados of unconventional music and art. This year particular emphasis will be laid on presentation of new Norwegian art, showing not only the newest achievements of local experimental music scene but also performances by researching and avant-garde theaters. It will be unique opportunity to see some artists for the first time in Poland – for example MAJA RATKJE or JAMES PLOTKIN who will perform on stage together with MICK HARRIS – he will be playing drums for the first time in years! Line-up of the festival will host such stars as ARVE HENRIKSEN & JAN BANG, OFFONOFF (comprising members of ZU, THE EX and THE THING), maestro of contemporary electronics ALVA NOTO and THE THING in collaboration with OTOMO YOSHIHIDE among many other unusual artists. We will also host the concert of two ladies of artistic electronica – MIRA CALIX and ANDREA PARKER with their joint project called FREAKY BITCHES.

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