Wet Sounds, Newcastle

Spanning two months from 28th Jan 2011 - 26th March 2011, Wet Sounds installs at swimming pools at 7 UK cities. An open to the public event featuring a live sound collage by Joel Cahen which includes the deep listening gallery featuring new work by selected artists under the theme ReVerse. For more details about the 2011 gallery, artists and works click 'Listening Galleries above'.
In London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Bangor, Wet Sounds invites special guests to use the dual sound system, above and below the water, to create a unique live performance. The swimming pool is transformed to a darkened listening venue, the pool radiating soft light and the sound is split into two separate systems.

For the London date, Newtoy has commissioned the electronic music pioneer and accomplice to the the first Musique Concréte compositions, PIERRE HENRY to create new work for the dual soundsystem. The work 'Analogy' will have its world premiere on the 6th March 2011 in London's York Hall Pool in Bethnal Green.

The Freaky Bitches at work...